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A complete range of solutions for the drainage of liquids and gases in civil engineering applications, sports fields, buildings, landfills, polluted soils and mining and gas production.

Drainage site


The DRAINTUBE drainage geocomposite makes it possible to replace granular drainage materials used in civil engineering projects. DRAINTUBE’s high compressive strength can help optimize your construction projects by simplifying the implementation of drainage layers.


Drainage geocomposites


Our geocomposites are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional subsurface drainage systems. They allow for a greater reduction of damageable moisture in structures, offering a major safeguard against structural degradation.

Drainage geonets


Geonets are an excellent replacement for natural drainage materials such as sand and gravel. Depending on the requirements of a given application, they can be laminated with geotextiles and act as drainage geocomposites that combine separation/reinforcement functions with drainage functions.

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