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Geosynthetics are used for reinforcement and improvement of the load-bearing capacity of soils. Our team offers economical and efficient solutions that will meet all your reinforcement needs.

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Geotextiles used as reinforcing elements for earthworks and foundations increase load-bearing capacities and control the deformation of roadways and foundations in at-risk areas. Their high resistance allows for the reinforcement of load-bearing embankments under various transport routes.


Our geogrids help reinforce the upper subbase or even the pavement. They are made of materials resistant to physical degradation and loss of stiffness caused by chemically aggressive environments. They are designed to bear creep elongation and high tensile loads.

Retaining walls

We have real know-how in the installation of geowalls using geogrids and geotextiles. We can help you choose the best solutions and are able to provide budget assessments for your projects.

Platipus embankment stabilization systems

We offer a unique, low environmental-impact system for stabilizing walls or embankments with minimal soil disturbance and quick installation for optimal stabilization.

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Let’s work together to find optimal and efficient solutions to carry out your projects.

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