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Waterproofing and geosynthetic barrier solutions for demanding applications, ranging from mining and all classes of landfills to the petrochemical and oil and gas industries.

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Geomembrane HDPE, LLPE, PVC

Geomembranes are used as waterproof barriers to protect the environment. They are made of thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride and are available in several thicknesses and surfaces to meet different needs.

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Underground retention basin

The application of geomembranes in retention chambers has become the standard among engineering firms: geomembranes are an ideal solution to the problems posed by the increasing volume of runoff. Geomembranes are in ever-growing demand because they are a very economical solution for the client and are easy to install for the contractor on the job site.

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Bentonite geocomposite

The bentonite geocomposite class of geomembranes represents an economical solution and an example of a sustainable geosynthetic alternative. Bentonite geocomposite fabric liners, with their proven stability and shear strength, form a highly effective hydraulic barrier for your projects. The geocomposite liner is composed of geotextiles containing a uniform layer of Wyoming bentonite clay granules and is assembled in a needle punching process.

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Bituminous geomembrane

The bituminous geomembrane, with its unique design combining an elastomeric bitumen-based binder and a non-woven geotextile reinforcement, has widely demonstrated its high mechanical and chemical resistance. Its adaptability to all types of soils allows it to meet the specific requirements of multiple applications in the field of environmental protection and in civil engineering.

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Specialized geomembranes, Hazgard, PVC and others

Certain specialized geomembranes, in addition to their waterproofing applications, can be used to meet other specific needs, such as heightened chemical resistance, resistance to high temperatures (100°C), compatibility with potable water, petrochemical resistance and many others.

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